MGA’a Alex Brill on KSRO

Brill discusses the opioid tax on big pharma in an interview for KSRO stating, “it’s going to result in higher prices for those opioids. But the out-of-pockets costs for the person filling the prescription is likely to remain the same.”

Costs of the Green New Deal

With the government reopened (at least for now), Speaker Nancy Pelosi is poised to begin advancing her party’s policy agenda. High on the list will be the loosely-defined Green New Deal, a federal spending program that will cost $2 trillion, $5.7 trillion, or more, and move the electric power sector to complete reliance on renewable energy sources.

MGA’s Alex Brill on CNBC’s Squawk Box

“I think we are going to see in 2019 that it is a little softer than 2018. We just came off of a 3.5% Real GDP quarter. I think the consensus that a little bit of a slowdown next year is correct. That said what is keeping the economy going is in part a fiscal boost, a little bit on the spending side, and on the tax policy side, both putting cash in people’s pockets.”

MGA’s Alex Brill on CNBC’s Squawk Box

“We’ve seen three months of strong economic growth in the labor market and we are adding jobs. I’d also just add we are two weeks away of getting the state level numbers and I think that will be informative both with respect to the weather effects and quite frankly some of the political aspects. We will have a better insight as to where these jobs are being created.”

New MGA Paper Identifies Steps to Reducing Barriers to Biosimilars

In a new paper, MGA discusses why the biosimilars market in the United States is not more developed and what steps can be taken to boost competition for biologic drugs. The paper identifies barriers to biosimilars by four categories, related to reference product manufacturers, biosimilar manufacturers, policy, and stakeholder education and awareness. Among the strategies to overcoming barriers are more physician and patient education, competitive biosimilar pricing, action by employer-sponsored health plans and private payors to encourage biosimilar utilization, and continued FDA efforts to support the budding market.