Costs of the Green New Deal

With the government reopened (at least for now), Speaker Nancy Pelosi is poised to begin advancing her party’s policy agenda. High on the list will be the loosely-defined Green New Deal, a federal spending program that will cost $2 trillion, $5.7 trillion, or more, and move the electric power sector to complete reliance on renewable energy sources.

Happy Birthday, FDA Tobacco Plan!

Just over a year ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a bold new plan to reduce nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels and encourage the development of non-combustible nicotine products. Key to the FDA’s approach is an acknowledgement of both the continuum of risks associated with various nicotine delivery mechanisms and the opportunity for innovative products to reduce the health risks associated with tobacco consumption

The Effects of Tax Reform on the Medical Deduction

Since its inception in 1942, the deduction for qualified medical expenses has offered a type of federally funded insurance to taxpayers who itemize. By allowing the deduction of out-of-pocket medical spending that exceeds a threshold, the deduction is similar to a high-deductible health plan, under which the federal government subsidizes subsequent spending at one’s marginal tax rate.

Election Season is Great Time to Debate Net Neutrality in America

The midterm elections are six months away, and candidates are looking for innovative ways to define their campaigns. With an unemployment rate below 4 percent and recent upward revisions to the 2018 economic outlook, Republicans are preparing to campaign on a strong economy and the tax cuts enacted last December that improved US competitiveness and boosted voters’ after-tax incomes.