IAM Quotes MGA Report in Article Discussing the Problem of Patent Thickets

In his article for Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), Life Sciences Reporter Adam Houldsworth discusses the weaknesses in the US patent system that enable the “thorny” problem of patent thickets. MGA’s report, “How Patent Thickets Constrain the US Biosimilars Market and Domestic Manufacturing,” was featured heavily in the article to provide evidence of the growing problem.

Pension Smoothing – The Budget Gimmick That Will Not Die

The bipartisan infrastructure bill approved by the Senate on August 10 includes a number of budget gimmicks that help make it look fully “paid for.” One of the gimmicks is pension smoothing, which allows private companies to make smaller contributions to their defined-benefit pension plans, thereby endangering the plans’ financial viability over time.

Teva Economic Impact Report

This report, from Matrix Global Advisors (MGA), highlights Teva’s impact on economies in 15 of the 60 countries in which Teva operates. These 15 countries comprise 60 percent of Teva’s total global workforce and 75 percent of revenues in 2020. MGA’s detailed impact analysis estimates that, in 2020, Teva’s local purchases and payroll supported more than 249,000 jobs across these 15 countries, contributed $52 billion to economic output, and generated $11.7 billion in labor income.