Alex Brill Interviewed on the Future of the Adalimumab Market

MGA’s Alex Brill was interviewed by Mari Serebvrov for a new piece in BioWorld to discuss the latest with the adalimumab market as new competition is expected as early as July 1.

“While some biosimilar watchers are disappointed in that gradual pace, Alex Brill, founder and CEO of Matrix Global Advisors (MGA), told BioWorld, “What’s happening in the adalimumab market is what people should have been expecting. Unsurprisingly, Amgen reported paltry Amjevita sales in the first quarter, with many of those sales going into inventory. At the same time, Abbvie reported a significant reduction in Humira sales – likely due to cutting net prices. While we may not see large biosimilar uptake in this space this year, there still will be real benefits from competition and resulting lower prices.””

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