Carbon Tax Policy: A Conservative Dialogue on Pro-Growth Opportunities

Conservatives generally agree on the need for policies that promote economic growth and improve the efficiency of the economy. When it comes to clean energy and carbon pollution, conservatives must find pro-growth solutions or risk ceding these areas to others. We can’t simply disengage on these issues, or our nation’s prosperity will suffer. Fortunately, there is momentum among voters to pursue conservative ideas for reducing carbon emissions. This book is intended to be a resource in that endeavor.

The Real Tax Burden: More Than Dollars and Cents

Using the fundamental concept of “excess burden” as their guide, in “The Real Tax Burden: More Than Dollars and Cents,” Alex Brill and Alan Viard illustrate how taxes work and their affect on such things as wages, savings, and economic growth. The authors describe past and present forms of taxation, discuss our current income and corporate tax policy, and critique various options for fundamental tax reform. “The Real Tax Burden” is a primer in the Values & Capitalism series intended for college students.