Alex Brill mentioned on MSN

Vishesh Raisinghani wrote a piece for Moneywise that has since been featured on MSN. In this story, “This Washington couple took their ‘unconstitutional’ $15K IRS bill to the Supreme Court — and it could cost the US a jaw-dropping $340B if they win, pundits say. Here’s why,” the recent Moore v. United States supreme court case could reshape the American tax code depending on the Supreme Court’s decision.

If the Supreme Court rules in their favor, it could open the door to reshaping the country’s tax code. Stan Veuger, Alex Brill and Kyle Pomerleau, senior fellows at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), worry that if the Moores win, it “risks upending key elements of the current federal income tax and wreaking havoc on parts of the U.S. economy.”

Read the article here. More about Brill’s thoughts on the corporate law case can be found here.