Happy Birthday, #BetterWay Tax Plan

Alex Brill | AEIdeas

Saturday marks the first birthday of the House GOP’s tax reform blueprint, “A Better Way: Our Vision for a Confident America.” Happy birthday, Tax Plan. To be honest, little man, when you were born you only got modest attention from those outside your immediate family. It was a busy time for the rest of us. We were watching Donald Trump clear the field of his fellow Republican candidates and were speculating about the likely fiscal agenda of Hillary Clinton.

You were such a cute newborn. Full of lower rates on virtually everything, you promised great tax simplification and fairness while making businesses more competitive globally. You were so adorable that most of us at first didn’t even notice or pay attention to your border adjustment tax (BAT). It turned out that the BAT frightened some people, which is unfortunate because the rest of you is virtually unblemished.

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