MGA’s Alex Brill Serves as a Panelist for C-SPAN’s “Tax Policy & The Economy”

Panelists debated the merits of various potential tax code policy changes, and how these changes could affect low- and middle-income households. Some of the proposed changes include lowering rates and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. Alex Brill discussed the Earned Income Tax Credit: “One of the things I note when I think about the federal income tax with respect to low and moderate income workers in the disparity to which the tax code affects different people within that population differently. That’s always true across the income spectrum but it’s particularly true among low and middle income families and households. For example, as we mentioned, the earned income tax credit, on the largest welfare programs, one of the largest at the federal level is a very effective program, helps to raise people out of poverty, encourages work and labor market participation. But not everyone who is lower and middle income is eligible for the program. There are both people who are eligible and not getting the benefit. There are some amount of improper payments in the program. But it’s also a lot about family size and composition. Within the structure many people are ineligible for the program.”

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