New Report from MGA Examines the One-Year Cost Savings Lost Due to Patent Thickets

MGA has released a new report today for the Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs (CAPD), “Patent Thickets and Lost Drug Savings.” This report, authored by Alex Brill and Christy Robison, examines the one-year cost from delayed competition because of patent thickets around five brand drugs ranges from $1.8 billion to $7.6 billion. 

Executive Summary

In their efforts to protect profits, brand drug companies have learned to accumulate
patents around lucrative products to protect monopolies. Patent thickets, as they
are known, are intended to keep generic or biosimilar competition out of the market.
In doing so, they impose substantial costs on consumers and the healthcare system
by delaying savings that competition would bring.

Read the full report here. Read the press release from the CAPD here